YMCA Healthy Kids Day Schedule

Start time 1:30pm
In the Gymnasium:
1:30-4:30- YMCA Active Games
In the Pool:
1:30-3:00-Family Swim
3:30-5:00- Family Swim

Join us- May 26, 1:30pm-5:00pm!

Exploits Valley YMCA

When children are active and get the recommended amount of daily physical activity great things happen; bones and muscles develop, children do better in school and overall health improves.

Being active is just an awesome thing!

We invite children, youth and families to join us May 26  from 1:30pm to 5:00pm for a free exciting day to celebrate and promote active play and healthy development in children and  youth. There will be active games and a free swim .

Why YMCA Healthy Kids Day?

In order for a community to be healthy, it needs a strong  foundation and the YMCA believes that healthy children and youth are a vital part of that foundation. Year round the Exploits Valley YMCA  offers programs and services that will ensure active participation in a safe nurturing setting. This year we have chosen May 26 as YMCA Healthy Kids Day, a special day where your YMCA celebrates and demonstrates simple ways to make healthy living and physical activity fun and meaningful all year through.

This is a free family event! Parents/guardians must show photo id or their YMCA Membership Card.

On the day of, please stop at the Membership Services desk to obtain swim tickets. 

All swim guidelines apply https://www.exploitsvalleyymca.ca/aquaticsschedule/