Aquatics Schedule

Exploits Valley YMCA Swim Guidelines

To ensure and promote a safe aquatic experience the following guidelines are in effect for Family and General Swim:

  • During family swims, children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water
  • The Tot Pool is for children 5 and under with an adult in the water
  • Children under 6 must be supervised by a parent/ guardian. That parent/guardian must be in the water within arm’s reach . Maximum of 2 children per parent/guardian
  • Any child who requires a floatation device or life jacket is considered a non swimmer

  • Children 6-9 years old who are able to demonstrate comfort in the water by passing the swim test (2 widths of the lane pool 20m) are able to swim without a parent/guardian in the water during general swims only
  • Any organized group with children under 10 years of age who are non swimmers must follow the guidelines and ensure appropriate guardians/child ratios
  • Regardless of the type of swim all persons who wish to watch must remain within the viewing area
  • Lane swims are for persons who wish to swim continuous laps
Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when in the building.

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Lil’ Dipper Program (Age 0-5 years)

Introduce your child to the aquatic environment with Splasher, Bubblers and Bobbers. Instructors lead classes with a variety of activities designed to grow and prepare them for future swim lesson levels in the Lil’ Dipper Program. Note; parent participation required for Splasher & Bubblers.

Your child’s love of the water will grow in the Bobbers and Floaters levels of Lil Dippers. In this class, participants will be introduced to basic swim skills such as bobbing, floating and gliding. Instructors will work with participants to grow their comfort and confidence in the aquatic environment.

In the Diver and Glider levels of the Lil’ Dipper program, participants will be introduced to front and back swims, as well as a variety of deep water skills.

Learn to Swim Program (Age 6 and up)

The YMCA National Learn to Swim program encourages growth and development as one learns the fundamental swimming skills.

Otter is the first level in this program which introduces skills in a safe and enjoyable environment,. During this level, children will be able to perform a variety of swim skills in shallow and deep water, including the basics of the front crawl.

Seal is the second level in this program. This level will enable your child to go further in their swimming and abilities. During this level your child will gain confidence in deep water, work on their rhythmic breathing, and develop their front and back swims.

Dolphin is the third level in this program . This level is designed to encourage your child to swim distances as great as 15m using common crawl strokes. At this level aquatic skills are fostered to help maintain surface tension giving them greater confidence in deep water.

Swimmer is the last level in this program. This level is designed to expand a child’s ability to swim from 15m to 25m using common crawl strokes, encouraging participants to grow as aquatic athletes. It introduces diving, and deep water recovery activities to ensure that the youth are comfortable in all areas of a standard pool.

Star Level (Age 6 and up)

Star levels 1&2 are the first In the YMCA Advanced Aquatic for youth. During Star 1 & 2 a series of new techniques used by lifeguards and other aquatic communities are introduced including breast stroke, sculling, and disorienting dives. The new strokes and techniques will encourage leadership skills in any child.

Star levels 3&4 will enhance your swimming skills focusing on stroke development. In these levels there will be an introduction of the side stroke while continuing to improve on the elementary backstroke and breaststroke.

Star level 5&6 will enable your child to continue to hone their swimming strokes , while using them to gain proficiency in rescue techniques.

Star level 7 will ensure participants will thrive in future aquatic programming. Through out this level your child will gain a deeper understanding of the role of a lifeguard and swim instructor by assisting them with their responsibilities as well as learning their aid skills.

Bronze Star

Gain the confidence and skills you need to perform low risk rescues. Increase your understanding of lifesaving skills and personal water safety while developing individual and group decision making abilities. To participate, you must be 12 years or older and successfully completed Star 6. This program prepares you for the Bronze Medallion course.

Bronze Medallion

Enhance your understanding of lifesaving principles and skills. Learn tows, carries, release methods, victim assessment and emergency care through this course. The manual is included in the course fee. To participate, you must have successfully completed Bronze Star, or be 13 years or older and able to swim. The course requires a mandatory 100% attendance to complete.

Bronze Cross

Designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and Instructor certification. Includes a timed 600 m swim. To participate, you must have successfully completed Bronze Medallion and have a valid first aid certificate.

Assistant Swim Instructors Course

Through classroom learning and in-water practice, the YMCA Assistant Instructor course prepares candidates to help instructors teach people how to swim and improve swimming techniques. Candidates are introduced to key principles of learning and teaching while they master basic progressions. The roles and responsibilities of instructors and their assistants are emphasized. This course is pre requisite for the Swim Instructors Course